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  • pod-course

    Personal Development is Professional Development (Second Edition)

    ***Pre-approved for 8 CBMT credits!***

    This pod-course is back and better in its second edition!

    Have you ever wanted to learn more about how your own personal development affects yourself as a professional?

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    Gift Card

  • digital download , Free

    Eisenhower Matrix

    This is a great tool for optimizing your to-do lists and prioritizing all the things on them. 

  • digital download , workbook

    Self Caronicles Workbook 2022

    Hello self care seeker,

    Thank you for taking this journey and prioritizing your self care! When we each truly take time to know and nurture ourselves, we’re able to enter our days as the best version of ourselves. Consistent small acts of self care can make huge changes over time, and I truly believe we can all change the world by …

  • consult

    30 min. ‘Pick My Brain’ Consultation

    This 30-minute consult offering was created in response to the many emails I’ve received from people asking to meet with me, pick my brain, and talk 1:1. Creating this consult call is my way of being able to offer my time instead of having to turn people away.

  • pod-course

    Music is your superpower!

    ***Pre-approved for 6 CBMT credits!***

    Looking to learn more about musicianship? Want to feel more confident with your musical skills as a clinician?