26. Creative Arts Therapies and the LGBTQ Community: Brian T. Harris, PhD, MT-BC, LCAT

In this episode, Brian and Tricia discuss trauma informed therapy, personal disclosure, and LGBTQ topics. Brian also tells about the newly released book Creative Arts Therapies and the LGBTQ Community. Brian T Harris, PhD, MT-BC, LCAT is a music psychotherapist in private practice in NYC. He holds a PhD in Expressive Therapies and is a [...]

25. Trailblazing: Jennifer Buchanan, MBA, MTA

In this episode, Jennifer shares her personal experiences and the resources she's created to help other Music Therapists through difficult career periods. Jager and Kokemor Photography Jennifer Buchanan, MBA, MTA is a keynote speaker and health entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. Since she became a certified music therapist almost three decades ago, the music [...]

24. Impactful Experiences: Christina Ouimet, MT-BC

In this episode, Christina tells about her professional journey and the lessons she's learned along the way. This is Music Therapy Chronicles's first in-person interview! "I have always loved to sing…and when I learned to play the guitar 50 years ago (!), it was a beautiful union!  Since 1993, I have worked as a music [...]

23. Attention is the Bedrock of All Cognition: Kathleen M. Howland, Ph.D., SLP (part 2)

In this episode, Kathleen and Tricia discuss interventions and resources to help MT's grow as professionals and as individuals. See the show notes for resources mentioned. Kathleen M. Howland is a board certified music therapist (MT-BC) and licensed speech language pathologis (CCC-SLP)t. For the past 35+  years, she has worked with a variety of clinical [...]

22. Bridging Music and Science: Kathleen Howland, Ph.D., SLP (part 1)

In this episode, Kathleen shares some of her research and scholarly knowledge, and the impact of this research on the MT profession. See the show notes for many of the resources mentioned. Kathleen M. Howland is a board certified music therapist (MT-BC) and licensed speech language pathologis (CCC-SLP)t. For the past 35+  years, she has [...]

20. Play Therapy: Kate Shannon, MS, MT-BC

In this episode, Kate and Tricia discuss integrating play therapy into Music Therapy sessions and using play in our own self care. Kate also tells about her podcast and platform: Creative Therapy Umbrella. Kate is a board-certified music therapist working in the Denver, CO area. She is currently finishing up the requirements to become a [...]

19. Business Success Among Prevalent Music Therapy Practices: Megan Resig, MS, MT-BC

In this episode, Megan and Tricia discuss how Spectrum Creative Arts was created and is continuing to grow in a city with many other Music Therapy practices. Megan Resig, MS, MT-BC has been a board-certified music therapist since 2010 and currently serves as one of the co-founders and directors of Spectrum Creative Arts, a Rochester-based community [...]

18. #PatientForBen: Allyson Rogers, MT-BC

In this episode, Allyson tells about the 'many hats' she wears as a clinician, creating her own music, and co-hosing a podcast. Check out Episode 20 of Clinical BOPulations to learn about #PatientForBen. Allyson Rogers, MT-BC, is a Board-Certified Music Therapist with a passion for helping others through music making. She graduated summa cum laude [...]

17. Self Care: Ami Kunimura, MA, MT-BC (part 2)

In this episode, Ami and Tricia discuss self care techniques and resources. Ami Kunimura, MA, MT-BC is the founder of The Self-Care Institute and is a board-certified music therapist. Ami provides therapeutic support for professionals around the world who are experiencing burnout, and has presented on self-care and burnout at international events and conferences. Ami has been a board-certified [...]