44. Vocal Health and the Therapeutic Singing Voice: Martina Bingham Ph.D

In this episode, Martina shares the findings from her Music Therapy vocal research, as well as tips for preventative vocal maintenance and vocal health. Martina Bingham is a lecturer in voice at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. She is an accomplished singer, voice teacher, and researcher in the training of the therapeutic voice. She [...]

COVID-19: Resource Madness

In this episode (and more thoroughly in the show notes), Tricia shares a compilation of information, ideas, and resources about the COVID-19 virus. PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS, IDEAS, AND RESOURCES TO BE ADDED TO THE SHOW NOTES!!! This will be an ongoing project and database as this situation evolves. Let's support each other <3 Here's [...]

43. Superwoman Blues and Songwriting: Tracy Richardson, Ph.D, MT-BC

In this episode, Tracy and Tricia discuss Tracy's new book "Who Moved My Cape?! Letting Go of Your Superwoman Expectations." Tracy also shares her personal songwriting process and advice for using songwriting in the clinical setting. Tracy is a board-certified music therapist with a doctorate in Counselor Education. She has been a Professor of Music [...]

42. Adaptive Lessons and Musical Goals: Bonnie Houpt, MT-BC

In this episode, Bonnie and Tricia discuss burnout, adaptive lessons, and online resources for various MT topics and needs. Bonnie shares her personal experience with burnout and the resources she is creating online. Bonnie is a music therapist in Denver, CO and owns her own business, Rhythmic Roots Music Therapy, LLC, which provides music therapy and [...]

41. World Music Therapy Day: Anita L. Swanson, Ph.D., MT-BC

In this episode, Anita and Tricia discuss global perspectives in Music Therapy and how the World Federation of Music Therapy is connecting Music Therapists across continents. #worldmusictherapyday is March 1st! Anita L. Swanson, Ph.D., MT-BC is passionate about assisting future and current music therapists. She also enjoys promoting global music therapy connections. Dr. Swanson is now [...]

40. Clinical Musicianship: Stephanie Leavell, MT-BC

In this episode, Stephanie and Tricia discuss taking a less traditional career path as a Music Therapist and ways to apply clinical musicianship in MT sessions, specifically with young children. Stephanie Leavell, MT-BC is the creator of musicforkiddos.com, an online community dedicated to high-quality children's music. Stephanie is an innovative and award-winning songwriter who loves [...]

39. Creating a Soundscape: Alpha Woodward, MTA, MMT, FAMI, PhD (part 2)

In this episode, Alpha tells about how she created a more healthful soundscape in a residential setting as a Music Therapist. Dr. Alpha Woodward is certified music therapist with 15 years of clinical music therapy service in government and non governmental organizations.  From 2004-2007 Dr. Woodward was the clinical supervisor and field director for a small [...]

38. An Adventurous MT Life: Alpha Woodward, MTA, MMT, FAMI, PhD (part 1)

In this episode, Alpha tells how a career in Music Therapy has turned her life into an adventure and how her humanitarian experiences lead to her own personal growth and clinical research. Dr. Alpha Woodward is certified music therapist with 15 years of clinical music therapy service in government and non governmental organizations.  From 2004-2007 Dr. [...]

37. Music Therapy Exchange: Samantha Hassold, Music Therapy Intern

In this episode, Samantha and Tricia talk all things Music Therapy Exchange, a new and growing database of Music Therapy interventions that anyone can access and contribute to! Samantha Hassold is the creator of Music Therapy Exchange, an intervention database for music therapists. She is also a current music therapy intern at The Center for [...]

36. Giving and Receiving Supervision: Fleur Hughes, MMT, MTA, MT-BC, NMT

This is part two of Tricia's conversation with Fleur. In this episode, Fleur and Tricia discuss the importance of receiving supervision as a Music Therapist, as well as advice for being a supervisor yourself. Fleur completed a Master's in Music Therapy degree at the University of West England in 2015. Since then she has worked [...]