19. Business Success Among Prevalent Music Therapy Practices: Megan Resig, MS, MT-BC

In this episode, Megan and Tricia discuss how Spectrum Creative Arts was created and is continuing to grow in a city with many other Music Therapy practices. Megan Resig, MS, MT-BC has been a board-certified music therapist since 2010 and currently serves as one of the co-founders and directors of Spectrum Creative Arts, a Rochester-based community […]

18. #PatientForBen: Allyson Rogers, MT-BC

In this episode, Allyson tells about the ‘many hats’ she wears as a clinician, creating her own music, and co-hosing a podcast. Check out Episode 20 of Clinical BOPulations to learn about #PatientForBen. Allyson Rogers, MT-BC, is a Board-Certified Music Therapist with a passion for helping others through music making. She graduated summa cum laude […]

16. A Journey Through Burnout: Ami Kunimura, MA, MT-BC (part 1)

In this episode, Ami shares her personal journey through burnout and how it inspired her to create resources and support systems for other professionals. Ami Kunimura, MA, MT-BC is the founder of The Self-Care Institute and is a board-certified music therapist. Ami provides therapeutic support for professionals around the world who are experiencing burnout, and has presented on […]

15. Balancing RBT and MT: Stephanie Harris, MA, MT-BC, RBT and Janet Herington, MT-BC, RBT

In this episode, Stephanie and Janet talk about balancing their MT and RBT trainings. We discuss balancing the two practices, how they overlap, controversial aspects of combining them, and intervention ideas. Stephanie Harris, MA, MT-BC, RBT received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from Ohio University and her Master’s degree in Music Therapy from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. Stephanie joined […]

14. Music Therapy Fellowship: Nicole Polara, MT-BC

In this episode, Nicole tells about the opportunities fellowship offers and about her own experiences as a Music Therapy fellow at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Check Nicole out on Facebook or by email (npolara3@gmail.com) Nicole’s music on iTunes and Spotify!

13. Incorporating Visuals and Props: Marie Miller, MT-BC

In this episode, Marie talks about how she designs and incorporates visuals/props into her sessions. She also shares her unique insights about what to keep in mind when designing and facilitating a session for kids with ASD. Marie Miller is a neurologic music therapist specializing in work with children with speech, communication and motor challenges.  […]