In this episode Scooter and Tricia discuss the intersections of Speech Therapy, music, cognition, Music Therapy, beatboxing, music history, and much more. Scooter tells us all about the new program he has helped develop, currently called Alphabeat. This is an evidence based Speech Language curriculum using beatboxing. Scooter and Tricia discuss the foundations of the program, clinical applications, and creative extensions.

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Garrett is a speech language pathologist, musician, and research coordinator based in California with a multidisciplinary background in music, speech, technology, and cognitive science. Graduating from Emerson college in 2015, he has given presentations in a wide variety of language topics at school districts along with the American Speech Language and Hearing Association Conference in 2018. He is also a touring music professional and has toured internationally in several countries. Given his multidisciplinary background, he is passionate about how concepts and technologies from other fields (such as beatboxing) can be re-purposed for the use of treatments for communication disorders. 

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Resources mentioned:

Beat Global


Bandlab for Education

Chrome Music Lab




UCSD music cognition lab

Iso principle

Lavelle School for the blind

8. Learning Literacy through Music: Kathy Schumacher, MT-BC, WMTR

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