In this episode, Danielle and Tricia discuss leadership, professional collaboration, and balancing work and home life. This is a beautifully well rounded conversation full of tips and insights.

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Danielle Porter is a Board Certified Music Therapist with a Master’s Degree in Music Therapy and a Certificate in Gerontology from Florida State University. She received specialized training in Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) and obtained the distinction of NMT Fellow. Danielle implemented the first music therapy program at Brooks Rehabilitation in Jacksonville, FL in 2015. Danielle’s passion for education and advocacy has led her to present at regional and national conferences including the American Congress of Rehabilitative Medicine and the American Music Therapy Association. She has an interest in research and leadership development. Danielle values interdisciplinary collaboration and enjoys working with persons with aphasia, strokes and Parkinson’s disease.

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