In this episode JD shares his passion for statistics, data analysis, and how to use them to positively impact our Music Therapy practices. JD shares lots of great tips, as well as resources he’s creating “to make statistics and the creative arts therapies accessible so that [he] can help people empower themselves to be their best.”

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JD is a statistician and an MT-BC with over 10 years’ experience combining data analysis, research, and program evaluation. JD has a Master of Science degree in Quantitative Psychology and another Master of Music degree in Music Therapy from Illinois State University and has studied abroad in France and New Zealand.  He edits for a peer-reviewed journal and has published in peer-reviewed journals, such as Psychology of Music, Journal of Social Psychology, and Intersection. He was also Adjunct Faculty and the Assessment Coordinator for Missouri Southern State University, and he bridges the clinical and statistical worlds to help both data and people tell their stories. 

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