In this episode, Gabrielle tells us about per passion for intersectional advocacy in the Music Therapy profession and in our professional practices. We also talk about school, internship, and clinical life lessons.

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Gabrielle is currently studying to receive their master’s degree in music therapy from SUNY New Paltz. Gabrielle is also preparing to enter into internship this upcoming fall. Gabrielle has a lot of ambitions and goals to make the music therapy space even more inclusive, including her upcoming thesis proposal of implementing music therapy for those who are living with type 2 diabetes and thoughts of starting a Jewish music therapy affinity group. When Gabrielle is not in the classroom learning, she is teaching violin, viola, voice, piano, guitar, cello, or ukulele to children and adults both at a small music school and privately. When not participating in music making or doing school work, Gabrielle loves to hang out with her family or cuddling up, reading a good book. You can contact Gabrielle using their school email,, or on Instagram @gabithemtstudent. Gabrielle is also on Facebook, at Gabrielle Davida Friedman.

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