In this episode, Sonja tells us about her interest and preliminary research in using Canadian music with Canadian clients. We talk a lot about music written by Stan Rogers and it’s clinical applications and implications.

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Sonja is currently completing her Bachelor’s Degree of Music Therapy at Wilfrid Laurier University, in Ontario Canada. She is in the second half of her internship, which she is completing with Find Your Voice Music Therapy. Sonja is a violinist, guitarist, and vocalist, and has been working with children on the autism spectrum, those with acquired brain injuries, seniors with mental health concerns and dementia, and those struggling with grief and bereavement. In her work, Sonja uses a resource-centred approach, and enjoys working with families to enhance the therapy experience. Sonja is passionate about the use of culturally relevant music in sessions, and is investigating the effects of using Canadian music with clients who identify as Canadian. In particular, she is currently exploring the relevancy of Stan Rogers’ music in music therapy, and the many ways it can be utilized by music therapists. In addition to her music therapy work, Sonja has created a stage name for herself, Stones Five, and is pursuing a secondary career in performance. Her dreams for her future are to continue developing as a music therapist, to write a resource book for music therapists based in the music of Stan Rogers and potentially other Canadian artists, and to travel across Canada and abroad making music and meaningful connections with people.  

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