In this episode, Master Campbell tells us about Zen Wellness and his background in music and meditation. We talk about creating our own music and incorporating mindfulness.

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Jason has created 3 music styles, released over 30 albums, has been #1 on Billboard and Amazon, and had five Billboard top 5 albums in a 5 month period in 2019, and this is all in the last 7 years.  

His music has opened meditation to thousands of people who have never meditated before or who have tried meditation and have failed in their effort to simply sit still and clear the mind.

Jason is a 7th degree black belt and co-founder of Zen Wellness ( His unique perspective on health, wellness and spiritual growth comes from his lifelong study both of music and the ancient arts of Eastern health and medicine, meditation and enlightenment.  His meditation and Zen training began as a child through music.  His whole adult life has been an effort to combine eastern arts, meditation and music.

He has trained with many masters and grandmasters in meditation, tai chi, qigong, kung fu, yoga and Oriental medicine, and has been teaching the eastern healing and spiritual arts for over 25 years. The purpose of all of Jason’s teachings and music is to raise your vibrational frequency.

You can find Master Campbell online, find his music online.

Find Zen Wellness online: their courses, free meditation course and the Focus at Will music streaming.

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