This episode is a continuation of my conversation with Katie, Haley, and Candace of Music Therapy Made Simple. We talk about working as a team and professional collaborations that emphasize our strengths.

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Music Therapy Made Simple was created out of an eagerness to support and connect with music therapy professionals and students, and the families they serve. Our mission is to support others by creating innovative solutions, providing tools for success, and cultivating confidence. Our team offers online music therapy resources as well as individualized supervision and coaching to meet your unique needs.

Katie Fortino received her Master’s degree in Music Therapy at the University of Kansas. She developed the music therapy program at the Center for Excellence in Disabilities at West Virginia University and led the first inclusive music therapy/musical theatre program in the state called “DreamCatchers.” She currently works as a music therapist in a school district and has experience with a variety of populations including: early childhood, children and adolescents with autism and other developmental disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, medical pediatrics, incarcerated adults, and hospice care. Katie is motivated by seeing others succeed through music and is passionate about empowering music therapists to feel successful in the work they do.

Haley Crane is a board-certified music therapist completing her Master’s in music therapy at Colorado State University. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Missouri-Kansas City then went to West Virginia for her internship and stayed on to work and develop more music therapy services in the community. She has clinical experience working with children with Autism and other special needs, stroke and rehabilitation, and elder care. Additionally, she has trained teachers and other professionals on how to incorporate music into their own practices and loves increasing access to music and music therapy services.

Candace Szymanski received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education at Millikin University and her Master’s degree in Music Therapy at Texas Woman’s University. She currently works as a music therapist in a pediatric hospital, covering: pulmonary, gastrointestinal, pediatric intensive care unit, and eating disorders unit. She has clinical experience with a wide variety of populations, including: early childhood, children and adult psychiatric care, children and adolescents with autism and other special needs, and elderly care. She is also actively involved in a bereavement organization that works with bereaved families who have lost a child and have siblings in the home.

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