This episode highlights diverse creators in related professions. Our hope is to direct listeners toward alternative media during the time they would otherwise spend listening to the show. 

Hayley Francis Cann, BMT, MTA, NMT, MScAH 

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Content to check out from MTA Hayley:

Mandy’s Mom, The Music Therapist 

Able Voice Podcast (co-host)

Anti-Oppressive Practices

Hear Hayley on Music Therapy Chronicles in episode 54. Accessible Advocacy Across Generations


Decolonizing the Music Room lead by Brandi Waller-Pace and Lorelei Batislaong.

“Helping music educators develop critical practices through research, training and discourse to build a more equitable future.”

Find Decolonizing the Music Room online, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram.

Content to check out from Decolonizing the Music Room:

Why Decolonize?

Dreaming of You: Identities of Me

Fostering Space for Student Creativity During the COVID Pandemic

Decolonization, Liberation, and Equity in Remote Learning

Decolonizing the Music Room on Music Therapy Chronicles episode 67

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