In this episode, Carolyn tells all about her personal journey of exploring world drumming and how one lesson lead to another. She also shares lots of great clinical tips and advice about how to study and incorporate drumming professionally as a Music Therapist.

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Carolyn Koebel, MM, HPCMT-BC has been passionate about percussion since childhood.  Her studies, research and interests in indigenous percussion has taken her around the globe, studying traditional drum/dance/ceremony in Ghana, samba and CandomblĂ© in Brazil, historical taiko traditions in Japan, Sufi traditions and Turkish and Arabic drumming in Istanbul, Andean music of the Quechua, Garifuna/Garinagu traditions of Latin America, and mentorship with master drummers from a host of musical traditions.  She has performed concert tours and teaching tours in China since 2012, and teaches guitar & world percussion at Western Michigan University, St.-Mary-of-the-Woods College, and Kalamazoo College.  She presents workshops regionally and nationally for music therapists, and works in hospice music therapy, community music therapy settings, in at-risk youth programming, and wherever the drum is called into action. She is an active performer in diverse musical settings;  visit to learn more.  She has created dozens of recordings with a host of collaborators…view the catalogue at, including the Honoring the Passage: Voices from Hospice Music Therapy series.  

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Check out Carolyn’s recording on bandcamp and her new course on Music Therapy Ed.

Music Therapy Drumming

Tataku – Bill Matney, MA, MT-BC

Glen Velez

Kalani Das

Marla Leigh Goldstein

Wula Drum

When You Come to the End of the Day – Perry Como

A Satisfied Mind – Porter Wagoner

The Best Things in Life are Free – Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson

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