In this episode, Lance shares his journey to learning about Music Therapy and how he is tailoring his undergraduate Music and Psychology education to better prepare him for attending a Music Therapy equivalency program. Through his research with Music and LGBTQ+, Lance is already asking the questions the MT profession has been waiting for.

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Lance Merrell is a student at Utah Valley University, where he studies Music and Psychology. Lance is preparing for future education and work in Music Therapy and can’t wait to get started! He is currently working on research regarding the influence of music in the coming out process of LGBTQ+ individuals, which will be used to better educate music therapists in how to support their clients. Lance also teaches private voice and piano lessons, where he enjoys sharing his musical experience with his students. When not making music or doing school work, Lance is either in the kitchen making a mess, or cuddled on the couch watching a good show. You can contact Lance at his email,, or on Facebook, at Lance Reed Merrell.

Music and Coming Out survey.

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Follow Your Arrow – Kacey Musgraves

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