In this episode (and more thoroughly in the show notes), Tricia shares a compilation of information, ideas, and resources about the COVID-19 virus. PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS, IDEAS, AND RESOURCES TO BE ADDED TO THE SHOW NOTES!!! This will be an ongoing project and database as this situation evolves. Let’s support each other <3

Here’s another growing pandemic resource list.

AMTA resources.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a type of Coronavirus that is new to humans. Because humans have not interacted with this particular virus before, treatments are still being developed. See Dr. David Ho’s work for more information about the treatments being developed.

Because COVID-19 attacks the lungs, symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

COVID-19 lives in surfaces for various lengths of time.

Many people are currently choosing to stay isolated at home to Flatten the Curve. This means that the healthcare system will not be overwhelmed because less people will be infected all at once.

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE SOCIAL DISTANCING OR QUARANTINE SCARY!!! People are less likely to seek medical attention if they fear being quarantined. Support each other and don’t stigmatize <3

Older adults and people with existing medical conditions are more susceptible to the negative effects of COVID-19.

What can we do?

Wash your hands, obviously. Here are some hand washing resources and song ideas: link, link, link.

Wash your phone, too!

Clean your instruments, guitar, equipment, work area, house, car, etc.

Here are some recipes to make cleaners with household ingredients: link, link.

Check out the MT Ed. webinar on telehealth.

Telehealth through Skype, Facetime, etc.

By staying at home, you will be assisting with Flattening the Curve.

If you choose to continue providing services, here is a letter Rachelle Morgan, MA, MT-BC created to explain MT Infection Control Procedures to facilities. Rachelle was on MTC episode 11.

Stay Healthy

If you need aid.

Consider making the switch to family cloth or a bidet.

Chest Binding

Healthy boundaries for families during COVID-19.

Home Workouts: Chloe Ting, Blogilates, Sarah’s Day, Whitney Simmons, etc.

Yoga: Yoga with Adriene, yoga options thread, etc.

Meditate: Women’s Meditation Network, Headspace fee for healthcare professionals, meditate with Ami, Make More Music podcast guided relaxation, etc.

EFT/Tapping: Gala Darling, etc.

Ami Kunimura, MA, MT-BC’s newsletter

Financial Health: Dave Ramsey, Nicole Lapin, The Financial Diet, One Big Happy Life, Innovative Income, etc.

Coronavirus Coping Kit.

Intervention Brain-Dump

In-person sessions: interventions with minimal contact or required materials

Body percussion improvisation using both both body and voice, sound recreation using body, watch a movie/documentary, read a (children’s) book, movement songs/dancing, active listening, lyric analysis, song composition, instrument (history) lessons/presentations, songs about health, counting songs, etc.

Virtual sessions: distributed material or telehealth

Create and provide playlists of above ideas, music related assignments, create a Zones of Regulation playlist, review learned material, listen to songs you’ve recorded in the past, create a playlist form a prompt, more ideas, etc.

Your intervention ideas: list, My House book.

Resources to equip clients outside of music therapy sessions.

Free education subscriptions during school closings.

Public domain songs for older adults.

MT Youtube channels.

Free mp3 songs by Margie La Bella.

Live and recorded broadcast schedules.

Engaging clients virtually.

Internship Ideas: prepare for presentations, reflective exercises, listen to an episode of this podcast and write about how it is personally applicable, create a songbook, literature review, create a game plan for future crisis situations, learn about telehealth

Add your intervention ideas to Music Therapy Exchange by 3/19/2020 be entered in their giveaway.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR IDEAS? (we’ll share them here too)

Bedtime Stress & COVID: 19 Wellness Tools For Kids

What’s currently happening in your area? (updated 3/17)

New Hampshire: schools are closed until 4/3/2020

What to do at home if you are social distancing.


Read a book: (let me know your favorites to add)

Maintain a routine.

Catch up on Netflix, hulu, etc: (let me know your favorites to add)

Binge-worthy podcasts: Clinical BOPulations, Make More Music, Instru(mental), AMTA-Pro, Creative Therapy Umbrella, The Feeling is Musical, The MTea, Musical Health, Music Therapy Conversations, Music Therapy Hour, Music Therapy Island, Never Mind Who Listens, Perspectives on Perspectives, the Sound Solution podcast, the Traveling Music Therapist, Guitars and Granola Bars, Forget Dis, the Music Therapy Show, Music Therapy Research Blog, Music Therapy Roundtable, AMTAS,

50 productive tasks you can do during downtime in your music therapy business.


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