In this episode, Alpha tells how a career in Music Therapy has turned her life into an adventure and how her humanitarian experiences lead to her own personal growth and clinical research.

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Dr. Alpha Woodward is certified music therapist with 15 years of clinical music therapy service in government and non governmental organizations.  From 2004-2007 Dr. Woodward was the clinical supervisor and field director for a small international team of music therapists working with traumatized children and youth in war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has presented both her clinical research and her humanitarian work internationally in Canada, the USA, South America, Sweden, Ireland, Southeast Europe, the UK and Japan.  She recently presented her work at the Building Bridges in Applied Arts and Health, Education and Community in Telford, Birmingham in the UK.  After teaching music therapy in Canada, Ireland and Eastern USA, she has settled in Iowa as the Director of Music Therapy at Wartburg College, and has recently launched a new MA in Music Therapy program that focuses on music therapy research and practice in a contemporary world.

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Voice articles: Finding the Client in Their Environment, Arts-Based Practices in Regions Affected By War.

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