In this episode, Kate and Tricia discuss integrating play therapy into Music Therapy sessions and using play in our own self care. Kate also tells about her podcast and platform: Creative Therapy Umbrella.

Kate is a board-certified music therapist working in the Denver, CO area. She is currently finishing up the requirements to become a Licensed Professional Counselor and is excited to become a dual-certified clinician to better support her clients needs. She is also passionate about integrative approaches  within therapy, especially with play and music therapy. Kate is the host of “Creative Therapy Umbrella: The Podcast” and loves to hike, read, knit, create, play with her dog and cat, and laugh with her husband.

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Otzi the Iceman

Siberian Ice Maiden

Spectrum Creative Arts

Music Therapy Hospice and Palliative Care group on Facebook

“But I want to talk to you.” article

Ami’s self care course

Lessons From the Playroom podcast from Synergetic Play Therapy

Tara Brach‘s podcast

When the Gnomes Go Underground

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