In this episode, Kelsey and Tricia talk about Kelsey’s recent transitions from High School, to College, to Internship, to new professional. Kelsey opens up about moving away from home, making friends, and searching for the right professional position. This is a great episode for any current students, but also touches on important things to keep in mind during any transitions in our lives.

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Kelsey has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from Marywood University. She is a board-certified music therapist, a certified dementia practitioner, and works for a non-profit organization called The Tutti Ensemble. Kelsey just moved to Maryland in May to begin her first full-time position as a Music Therapist working in geriatrics. She hopes that talking about these transitions in a music therapist’s life will help those going through them understand that there is a music therapy community here to support them. 


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