In this episode, Demeko and Tricia talk about stepping outside of our comfort zones and how to challenge our own resistance in our personal lives. Demeko shares his personal stories and how he found his way to Music Therapy.

Demeko Freeman MMT, entered the field of music therapy with a backpack, a tent, and a Djembe. He was greeted with small chuckle when he questioned, “Why do I need anything else but a drum?” He has since gained a fuller understanding of music therapy, which has deepened his belief in the function of percussion and rhythm in therapeutic contexts. He is interested in the effects of ritual, traditional rhythms and instruments, and group music making on community well being, as well as aiding in the development of the fields functional percussion competencies. His top three percussion cultures of study are West African Manding Music, Afro-Cuban Percussion, and Brazilian Samba.

Resources Mentioned:

Babatunde Olatunji

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