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What Listeners Are Saying

Great show!

Great show!

"I’m so happy to have this resource to listen to while I’m driving between clients. Informative and educational- a nice variety of guests so far."

So very worth my time!

So very worth my time!

"Wonderful show. I am in school for Music Therapy, and this show is helping me look forward to how I may apply music therapy as a vocation. It also helps me notice how I can prepare for my music therapy career by taking steps in my everyday life toward a wholesome, well rounded music experience."

One of my favorite podcasts!

One of my favorite podcasts!

"I love this podcast. I have listened to it on many drives between clients and enjoy the discussion between music therapists. I listen in each time an episode comes out and love the takeaways from this community."

The Latest

194. The Gift of Immaturity: Tricia Caiati, MT-BC

In this episode Tricia talks about the process and unlearning a limiting belief she's held since childhood. Tune in to hear how the gift of immaturity can positively impact your life personally and professionally.

On Mute

Music Therapy Chronicles is on Mute this week. Please use the time you would normally spend listening to our episode to explore content from diverse creators.

193. Finding What Fits: Ellen Lind, MT-BC

In this episode Ellen tells us about her career transition from performing musician to Music Therapist. We talk about burnout, identity, and finding what fits for any season of life.

190. Life Admin. Day: Tricia Caiati, MT-BC

Life gets busy. We all have so much on our plates; so much to get done and only 7 days a week to do it all. If you find yourself consistently pushing off the same items on your to-do list, seeing unfinished projects around your home, and feeling like there are calls or appointments that should have been made weeks ago, then it might be time for a life admin. day.

187. The Problem with Polarity: Jennifer D. Jones, PhD, MT-BC

In this episode Jennifer talks about the how and why we should ditch polar thinking as Music Therapists. We talk research, clinical practice, and much more. There can be a lot of polarized views within our field, tune in to hear how we can start thinking in a more 'mixed methods' approach.